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Buying Deut
Buying deut, no matter for what... u know jijij
spamming away vol.2
this is dying....
selling deut for crystal
4 million deut to tade for crystal
request for a loan with interest
1 mil deut
400k deut
buying a lot of deut
500k deut
Selling metal Buying deuterium
selling metal, buying crystal, awesome rates!
500k deut
400k deut
selling 450k deut
1,250k deut for metal
duet for crystal
selling metal, buying crystal
selling metal, buying deuterium
selling Metal For Crystal or Duet
selling 2.2M metal for 1M crystal and 200k deut
Selling 3M metal for 1M deuterium
joining your alliance
Deuterium Supplier
Need Deuterium
Hi guys
Buy Deuterium
Trading Metal For Crystal
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